Ambitious Mario Maker 2 Fan Project Finally Complete After 7 Years


An ambitious, years-long Mario Maker 2 project has finally completed, according to its creator. Nicknamed Super Mario Bros. 5, the stages take place across several distinct worlds with individual bosses, modeled after classic Mario games--which means none based on the New Super Mario Bros. or Super Mario 3D World stage types.

The creator, Metroid Mike 64, detailed the stages on Twitter. He said there are 40 stages in all, which includes 24 Super Mario World stages, 14 SMB3 courses, and 2 SMB courses. Six of the eight worlds have branching paths, and each world ends with a Koopaling boss. The stages include traditional platforming courses along with puzzle stages, but Mike says they weren't trying to make the stages too intentionally difficult.

"The gameplay is all classic Mario," said Metroid Mike 64. "I'm not trying to troll you or purposely try to kill you, I'm trying to provide you with something Nintendo should've done already, make a full Mario game within Super Mario Maker 2, that's fun as heck!"

Unique course design like this airship course that’s made to look like a tank. This is Wendy’s Battletank of Doom.

— Metroid Mike 64 (@MetroidMike64) September 25, 2022

If you want to try the project for yourself, just go to Course World in Mario Maker 2 and enter "0G9-XN4-FNF" into the ID field. That will start you at the first course, where you can navigate through the worlds like you would in a classic Mario game.

"The Mario series is worth all the admiration it gets, and Super Mario Maker 2 is an excellent tool for picking it apart by pushing its enemies, mechanisms, and Mario, to their limit," Peter Brown wrote in GameSpot's Mario Maker 2 review. "I've yet to make a stage of my own that I think is worthy of sending out to other players, but I'm committed to getting there. Whether exploring the full potential of a single element or throwing things at the wall to see what sticks, I've got the itch to join the creator's club. Mario Maker 2 makes the learning process intuitive and enjoyable. Most importantly, it's enabled designers amateur and professional alike to share their creativity with the world. The community is off to a great start, and thankfully, the fun has only just begun."